Meditation pose

Being mindful of yourself and your mental state may be harder than ever, but here’s the thing: Together, we can break Outta the cycle.


Wellness is an achievable goal. Believe it. You can find a lifestyle where you can thrive and be happy. We can all get there.

But First, Let's Get Real

Mental health issues are all around us, both inside and out. So many of us are trapped in our heads, unable to sort out our own emotional states or to connect with the people around us.

Come Together

Our society is coming to realize that poor mental health is one of the biggest epidemics of our time.

And its time we change that!

We believe in simple strategies you can employ that will help you develop a real connection with yourself.

It's called being mindful and it's what we're all about! Just to be clear, we're not talking hippie woohoo, unattainable fairy dust mindful... instead let's just focus on our breath because it's good for our mental health - no nonsense practical mindful. 

We also like to give back in every way we can, from simply spreading the word about mental wellness to providing real help to those who need it. Every product we sell at Outta is ethically made and 10% of proceeds always go back to mental health programs.

Please join us in our mission to help people get Outta their heads and back into their hearts.

Become a Mindful Mentor

Join our movement and get involved today!

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Get Outta your head and into your heart.

- Sally Goncalves