Diary of a Forgotten Soul

Welcome to the blog page of Outta. Here I will share with you what I know and have also discovered on topics involving coping with mental health issues, yoga, meditation and of course how to Get Outta Your Head.

As I sit here and write my first entry, it has to be the most fearful I have felt in a while, I’ll admit! It is quite intimidating. I am not a writer nor an expert on self help issues, however I decided it was time to take the leap and express myself in the hopes that it will help others to share their stories and begin a positive journey of their own.

A great deal of my writing stems from my personal journaling over the years. I usually arrive at pen and paper when I find myself struggling to overcome the feeling of panic when life becomes too overwhelming for my mind to grasp.

In this first entry, I want to offer an honest and transparent angle on how Outta came to life, mirroring our ‘About’ page. How did it start? It was through years of feeling trapped inside my chaotic mind that I realized that it was up to me to begin to change the behavior, and thus began a journey of self-exploration.

My Outta journey began with a complete set of tricky emotions, self doubt, explosive feelings and repetitive thoughts kept rising to the surface in my life. As a child growing up with a mother who suffered from mental illness, I observed her lack of coping skills, and I quite easily and naturally adopted her unhealthy ways of handling life's struggles.

Home wasn’t a cozy environment for me. I remember feeling very scared and experiencing a sense of uncertainty there- it was an environment full of anxiety and anger.

As a child I didn't know what to do so I kept quiet and would daydream a lot to escape the madness going on around me. This is how I survived. I remember making promises to myself that I would never be like my mom. It was when I became a mom myself, unfortunately, that I saw how the patterns I had learned were alive in me and seemed to take over.

It’s been a trip, but I have traveled far. I hope to share more about my own journey on this blog, as time goes on. I’ve come from a place that I did not care for to a place of reflection, understanding and acceptance of who I am. I’ve learned to strive to learn and grow each day.

My hope is that this will resonate with you and we can begin an Outta journey together. I would love to hear your stories, as I share mine, exploring our inner selves, and how we can move from our heads to our hearts and ultimately arrive at a place of peace.

With Light and Love,


Outta Creator


Dani Goncalves

Great first post Sal. You are a true light in my life. Always willing To help people. Love you xo

Davina Lytle

Way to go Sally, I hope you get as much outta writing it as I do. ;)

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