The Importance of Being Authentic

"Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we're supposed to be and embracing who we are."
                                                                                                           - Brene Brown

The word "authentic" has become the latest trend in the self-help community. It keeps popping up in articles online and everyone is asking, "how do we become more authentic?"

I’ve questioned this myself for many years. I can honestly reveal that I have been inauthentic in the past, as I have been overly concerned with others’ opinions and, in those times, I quickly learned to withhold my true emotions and thoughts. This created extreme frustration and anxiety and I always felt misunderstood.

In those times, I was so concerned with being perceived as stable, and as having my #?*! together. The funny thing is, in doing so this only created more distance within myself and with others. It took me years to figure out how I was perpetuating this unhealthy pattern and façade. Over time, I finally realized that this way of living wasn’t working and it was time to finally get real.

Once I started opening up about my own struggles and inner darkness, people around me did too. I noticed how courageous this was to do and how being vulnerable creates authenticity and deep connections. Except when it doesn't. Ah yes, I have also experienced the opposite reaction that can occur from opening up and it can be experienced as avoidance and a sense of rejection. This can be the downfall of living from a place of truth- not everyone is on board and it can be a difficult choice to make. I know for me some relationships have been lost because of this choice. However, the importance of operating from a place of honesty is more valuable to me than maintaining an awkward, unhealthy state of association. 
What I have come to realize though is authenticity is not something we become, it's who we are. If you’re trying to be "authentic," then you’re not being authentic. We know this when we see it. We can feel the truth, and when we do, we may feel moved.
Have you experienced it? Once we live authentically, the relationships we have with our self and hopefully with others become ones of higher quality, and with deeper meaning. These feelings and relationships can become so strong and I feel this is why it's important to stop the artificial madness that, somehow, has become the norm.
So my question now is, " why" or " how" do we lose our way of being authentic? When do we stop sharing our stories and feelings and become so afraid of expressing our truths?
Maybe it’s the ideas and images surrounding us every day in the media that make us lose our way. Or maybe it’s a natural tendency of humans; a tendency to shy away from the truth and from deeper meaning, as deeper relationships can mean having more at stake, and having more to risk and lose.
It’s hard to say. Everyone has their own path, and reasons for living the way they do.
Have you ever felt inauthentic? I would love to hear your story.
With light and love,

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Jane S

Sally, thanks for sharing, it’s nice to know that others have felt the same way and still struggle to be “authentic” . Hopefully with speaking more with others and blogs like yours will help others to open up and for us to all become more “authentic”

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