How A Teen Embraces Self-Care

Mental Health can be a difficult thing sometimes. I was at a conference earlier this year and they asked us to stand up if we have mental health, some people looked confused
and some stood, by the end they stated that everyone should be standing because we all have mental health. Some people struggle with it and have a difficult time. If you do then personally, I think you really need to find what works for you. That is the only way you are going to get through it and although you will have some days that are worse than others, you need to find something that speaks to you. I like to do yoga, I find it so relaxing, after being anxious and tired all day stretching it all out is just what I need. Its like giving yourself a massage. I also love art, I find it to be such an amazing and creative outlet for me, it can take me away from my brain for a while.

It is hard being a teen with mental health problems because you're at that time in your life where everyone is so excited for you. New beginnings are happening and you are just over here like, “ya, I don't think so" there is a lot of pressure on you to go get a job and figure out what you want to do with your life. It can become overly stressful and cause immense anxiety for some. So, please find your “thing”.

Whatever it is that you do to help yourself get through the day, whatever you can do, because after all it is just a bad day not a bad life. It will get better and it will be all worth it and be oh so good one day. I promise, you are not alone :) Keep swimming...

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