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Get outta your head - how do I take care of my mental health?

Living with a mental illness is all about finding a balance ­- a balance that allows the good days to outweigh the bad. Often, one will discover that balance stems from passion. Once we are able to find a niche within our life, something that makes us tick, we jump on it as a way of regaining control of our life. It’s a coping mechanism, a form of self­care. Something that allows us to get outta our heads and reach deep into our hearts to make our lives count.

The past five years of my life have focused on coming to terms with my own mental health. It has taken a diagnosis of clinical depression, generalized anxiety disorder and an eating disorder in order for me to slowly understand the importance of self­care. Through it all, I have gained a new appreciation for life. This constant struggle to find happiness in my life allowed me to find joy in the simpler things. It’s these things that often become clouded by the hustle and bustle of our society.

So, how do I get outta my head? My self­care practices involve taking advantage of mother nature and quite literally, getting outdoors! Whether it be hiking or long­distance running, there’s no other feeling quite like being completely alone in nature. As you take in your surroundings and admire how beautiful our country (surroundings?) really is, it’s as if the world stands still. You almost feel as if, for that one minute, you are on top of the world.

Because outside, stress and sadness do not stand a chance. Without the constant reminders of deadlines and duties, life becomes simple again. We push our worries away and allow our mind and body to recharge. For many of us, we feel free yet in complete control of our being. We discover ourselves and learn new things. Yet most importantly, we challenge ourselves in ways we didn’t know we could.

It’s about finding our passion, so that we can get outta our heads and into our hearts.


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