A Meditation Guide For Mental Wellness

If you can breathe, then you can meditate.

I believe that learning to focus on your breathe and doing this everyday for a couple of minutes is a game changer for your mental health. That's why I recommend beginning with just two minutes and adding time slowly. Small steps lead to big changes, right?

Of course they do! We all know that consistency is the key to lasting change, so forget about the length of time you meditate for and focus instead on how often you commit to the practice. 

Oh, and please don't get caught up with the word "meditation" and what it all means. It's not about enlightment here. The goal is to use your breathe as a tool for a daily mental fix. That's it! 

Below is an easy to follow guide on how to get started. Try it for a week and check back in with me. I want to know your thoughts. Or perhaps lack of after a week of meditating ;)

SIT DOWN - On a cushion, chair, or against a wall. Set a timer for 2 minutes ( yes, just 2 minutes)

 CLOSE EYES - Set them on the centre of your forehead.

 REST HANDS ON THIGHS - Whenever you feel your mind wonder, feel the warmth of your hands on your thighs and remember to be here NOW.

OBSERVE BREATH- Notice how your breath feels in your body and sounds as it flows in and out. Use your breath connection as your anchor to the present moment.

 WHEN MIND WONDERS- Because it totally will, at least at some point, observe your thoughts without judgement. With awareness we have the power to change.

 STRETCH IT OUT- Gently open your eyes and stretch in any way that feels natural. You did it!

Continue your 2 minute practice everyday to get outta your head and into your heart.

 Peace and Love


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