Meet Lori-Anne- A Self Care Star

"I Am Taking Care of Myself Today"

I realized how important mental health is to me when I had to deal with post-partum depression after the birth of my second child. Life can be so busy and it is easy to assume most of your bad days are caused by stress or lack of sleep. My string of bad days lasted months. After 2 weeks of daily crying (in a gas station parking lot to cope) I knew I needed to see my doctor. I knew I had let my health, (my mental health) slip away from me. After almost 3 years I am still dealing with depression. I am very open about my depression because of the stigma it carries, talking about depression helps bring awareness to the issue. For me, dealing with depression is a constant exercise in taking care of myself and my well being.

Self care is on the top priorities of daily living. Everyday, I take sometime to do things that make me feel happy and centered. I have given myself permission to stop all of my scheduled "to-do" chores of work-life, home-life and mommy-life. I now spend a good amount of time doing things I love. I love to sew and create clothes, I love to sit and have a coffee in total quiet. I allow myself to go for a long walk even when the house is a mess and the dishes are dirty. I love to exercise and sweat. All of these things have outcomes that only benefit myself and that's okay. It is okay because if I feel happy and centered than that is what my husband and children see and feel. Some days I can do these loved activities for hours at a time and other days only a few minutes. The important thing is that I make it apart of my day rather than rewarding myself after doing something on my "to-do" list.

Take care out there,

Lori Anne


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Thank you for sharing! This past Mother’s Day I heard someone say something that stayed with me and is now a constant goal for me as a mother – that is… I want my kids to say that their mother was real good a taking care of herself.

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