Empowering Youth Through Meditation

You know what's crazy? But not so crazy...

Kids meditating! Yes, kids! Hundreds of them too. 

Last week we presented our first Mindful Movers meditation program to the students at Blakelock Secondary School. It was an incredible experience to guide hundreds of kids through a massive group meditation.

They will now continue their own meditation for mental health journey in their classrooms everyday. A huge thumbs up for these high schoolers!

This is the "why"  behind the development of our mindfulness meditation program because we all need a daily mental health routine. This especially true for todays youth.

When asked "how many of you guys get stressed?" nearly the whole group raised their hands.

Kids get stressed just as much as adults do and this isn't to be taken lightly.

With 20% of Canadians who will experience a mental illness in their lifetime, it's never been a more crucial time than now to start taking care of our minds. 

After explaining the facts and discussing the importance of mental wellness I couldn't help but be super impressed by the interest these students had in learning more.

This event confirmed my belief in the possibility of having schools take action when it comes to programs like ours. 

If you are interested in learning more about our Mindful Movers program please click here or shoot us an email at: info@outta.ca

Remember to get outta your head and into your heart!

~ Sally

If you would like to support and be part of our self-care mission, please visit our store at Outta.ca.

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