About Outta

Outta is a lifestyle brand created by founder Sally Goncalves. Our brand promotes being proactive with our mental health through direct reminders found on our products and Meditation courses.

Our approach isn't warm and fuzzy and it isn't about creating more awareness. Mental health is a serious issue... we get it, but that doesn't mean that you should always take yourself so seriously and being a little bit more mindful helps with that.

We believe that learning to get outta your head and back to living life is attainable for everyone - no matter what your mental health state may be.

 "I believe mindfulness needs to be a part of our mental health strategy", says Sally. "Because awareness alone does not change behaviour-being proactive does".

Mission Statement

It's our mission to provide the support, accountability, and sense of community that will help all of us break Outta the isolation of mental health related issues.

By embracing the power of meditation and mindfulness, we want to help you learn to accept your thoughts and experiences without becoming trapped by them. It's our goal to help you find a place where you can learn, listen, laugh,reflect, and live a life of wellness.

Our Values

* Be mindful of yourself and your mental state

* Reflect on experiences without dwelling on them

* Learn to live in the moment

* Look upon wellness as your goal