Mindful Movers Program for schools

Want to talk about how mindfulness is a game changer when it comes to your mental health? Our Mindful Movers program combines activities that quiet the mind in a unique package, to help your group slow down and focus on mental well being.

Our team of accredited professionals is ready to lead your school in a new experience. Our workshop leaders use listening, simple discussions and mental health tools such as mindfulness practices to help participants connect with their inner self.

Participants learn how they can begin their own mindful minutes routine to help deal with daily stresses and improve overall mental health.

We are especially passionate about teaching youth these important and necessary tools to help them become healthy functioning adults. We customize our workshops depending on grade level and school requirements.

Looking to decelerate and connect? Contact us at info@outta.ca to get more information and book an event. Presented by Mindfulness Partners Sally Goncalves and Eryl McCaffrey.