Sally's Story

Hey there!

My name is Sally, the face behind Outta. Thanks so much for visiting the site, I am super grateful to have you here!

Listen - I know first hand what it's like to live with mental health challenges and maybe you do too. Anxiety, depression and ADHD frequently affect me and it certainly can be a struggle (who am I kidding, it totally sucks) but these challenges have also made me resilient, more self-aware and it has led me to living life more mindfully.

Mindfulness is something we can all practice, it helps you to better understand yourself and thats where your power is. I have learned to take charge of my life without letting my thoughts hold me back and I know you can too.

Now, before you start rolling your eyes and think "huh, how can being mindful help with anxiety or depression"? Let me just state that practicing mindfulness (like meditation) kicks your useless, negative repetitive thoughts butt to the curb. Its a total game changer for your mental well being and thats why I believe everyone should be meditating to support their minds heath.

And thats one of the main reasons I started Outta. Honestly, I want there to be more discussion and change within the "mental health" community. We aren't doing enough when it comes to providing useful and practical ways to care for our minds.

Don't get me wrong, the awareness is great and ending stigma is super important but it can't stop there guys. I often ask myself "so whats next'? How do people start working on their mental health? What needs to be done so we can learn to self support and lead our lives alongside our mental health instead of always fighting against it? For me the answer is:


And thats what our message is all about. Get outta your head is a call to action, which reminds you to pause, take a breathe, notice your thoughts and bring yourself back to the present moment- where you and everyone around you thrives. 

Peace & Love